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Fragments of Reality

...lost and found...

20 December
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L.A. born and raised. For the first twenty years of my life everything was fairly normal. I went to elementary school, moved up through high school, graduated college at twenty with a double degree in English and Music. I play violin and if my mother wasn't so dead set on me becoming the next Bob Woodward, I would have happily found myself engrossed in playing the concert circuit instead of working as an investigative reporter.

As it turns out, my life would have been very different had I followed my violinist dreams. I would have been safe, though with my luck I might have stumbled into Adrideus anyway. Vampires. Lycans. I shouldn't be writing any of this down, but I am. They'll probably burn it if they find it but for now, this is my own space.

At twenty...I became a Vampire, Sired by an Elder...Adrideus. I wasn't looking for it, but I had stumbled into the war. Missing people triggered my research. That lead to some odd activity and a research session at the library. That night I became among the missing as I was attacked by Adrideus and two of his partners, Carmine and Loranis. The latter died by my hand...I think. I don't remember much, only that something deep inside of me was awakened when Adrideus sank his teeth into my throat. For some reason, he didn't drain me dry...he Turned me.

Three years later I am the best at my job, for like Selene was when she lived, I am a Death Dealer. This journal is a chronicle of my life...
explosives, guns, knives, preferably ancient ones, violins